Would you like to feel healthier, if so, a Health Trainer can help you every step of the way!

Health Trainers are specially trained people who understand how hard it can be to change the habits of a lifetime and they are there to help you make that first step to a different life.

Health trainers offer you the opportunity to work with them for a number of weeks or months. They will help you to set manageable health goals of your choice and support you to achieve them. This could include encouraging you to be more active by walking, swimming or perhaps going to a gym, maybe even going with you on your chosen activity once or twice to help you settle in. You may wish to reduce your alcohol intake, give up smoking or socialise outside the home more, your Health Trainer can give you advice on all of these and make sure that you are put in touch with an appropriate health professional to help you achieve your goals.

Alternatively if it is just health information you want or some guidance on a range of health and community services available to you, a Health Trainer can help with this too.If you are interested in making a lifestyle change, the Health Trainers are here to help you make that happen.

This is a free, confidential Public Health funded service.

Up until the 31st March 2016, either for more information about the Health Trainer service or if would like to make an appointment with your local Health Trainer  please call us on 07887832799

The Isle of Wight Health Trainer Service is changing from the 1st of April 2016


Health Trainers who are currently employed by the NHS Trust and Community Action IW will transfer to the Isle of Wight Council. Please be assured that during this time we will continue to offer support to those we are already working with. From April our work with Island residents will continue and can now be extended to include other members of the family, as part of the Family Wellbeing Platform, a new holistic family centred approach.

Our ethos won’t change. We will still be offering free support, on a one to one basis, to those who genuinely want to make the changes to their lifestyle, especially, stopping smoking, cutting back on alcohol, eating better and becoming more active, which will have a positive effect on their general health and wellbeing.

From 1st of April 2016 we can be contacted by telephone on 01983 823670 or by using our temporary email address: publichealth@iow.gov.uk

Watch this space!!